As Tech23 nears its tenth anniversary, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane to see how some of the companies who presented at Tech23 in past years have grown.

We didn’t even have to look beyond the headlines to see Tech23 companies thriving and making their impact on the world! Our congratulations go to Intersective and co-founders Beau Leese, Suzy Watson and Wes Sonnenreich for raising $3.75 million in their Series A round last month. Led by CSIRO’s Main Sequence Ventures, the investment will allow Intersective to continue researching, developing and expanding.

Intersective was one of the 23 young techies featured at Tech23 2013. Here, they presented a vision of enabling and connecting experiential learning communities through the development of learning platforms. “We want to be the world’s hub for experiential learning,” Intersective co-founder Wes Sonnenreich told the Tech23 audience. 

At the time of their 2013 presentation, Intersective had developed and deployed a prototype learning management system to support Work Integrated Learning for corporations, students and universities. They’d tested multiple iterations of this prototype with nearly 1000 students, and their systems were already beginning to attract top tier corporate and academic clients

In recognition of the deep tech startup’s potential to fill a much-needed gap in the edutech sector, Intersective was awarded the Innovate NSW MVP Grant at Tech23 2013. 

Now, we’re thrilled to see Intersective taking on the world! Intersective has expanded to the US, India and Vietnam. Its platform Practera helps students engage with dynamic case studies, collaborate, connect with mentors and reflect on their work; bringing real life skills and experiential learning into the 21st century classroom.

Now, on the back of their very successful raise, Wes tells us that Intersective’s vision for the future of learning is just getting underway! We are so happy to hear of Intersective’s great accomplishments thus far: we can’t wait to see you continue to grow and it’s an honour to be able to count you among Tech23’s alumni!

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