At the first ever Tech23 in 2009, ex-software developer Didier Elzinga – who until June of that year was CEO of Risingsun Pictures – presented an application that was being developed by Culture Amp to help companies manage their culture.

“People problems are the hardest thing. I spent five years trying to buy HR tools but they are a waste of time – they are designed to make somebody’s life easier instead of a tool to help people communicate” – Didier Elzinga

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Didier’s goal was to help managers communicate with their employees and nurture performance feedback, which he asserted had the potential to disrupt the traditional annual appraisal model.

It was palpable that Culture Amp was destined for big things! A decade later, Culture Amp is considered a unicorn, and employs over 400 staff with offices across the globe

Although Didier hadn’t really built the tech yet he was so passionate about his idea and his background was so interesting that he had to be one of the Tech23.” – Rachel Slattery

The calibre of the Tech23 ecosystem continues to bloom and we look forward to seeing the next potential Culture Amp flourish with the help of the wisdom and goodwill of the crowd.

At Tech23 – you truly never know what you’ll see and who you might meet!

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