Since 2009, Tech23 has unlocked new ways of working by joining the dots between enterprise and clever tech. Tech23 seeks to call on the best sides of our natures – encouraging the deeptech ecosystem to collaborate; learn and respond – leveraging a wealth of talents, contacts and knowledge.

If we are to move toward a resilient future, we must realise our sum is greater than our parts. We must come together as a nation to celebrate and uplift the innovation we have in our very own backyards!

With the goal to adapt and respond to an increasingly uncertain world, Tech23 2020 will bring together those that can make great things happen. Now, more than ever, is the time to amplify the innovation that has the power to shape our future.

“Tech23 is all about helping people make connections that matter. Connections between researchers, entrepreneurs, organisations and investors and governments that can support, nurture and buy the innovations that will build a better tomorrow.”
– Rachel Slattery, Director, Tech23

Coming at you in every which way – the Tech23 Deeptech Festival 2020 will feature a smorgasbord of thought-provoking content and online, distributed and face-to-face events!

“The NSW Government believes deeptech is a key strength for NSW and Tech23 is a fantastic opportunity for some of the most innovative people in our society to showcase their incredible work. Innovation is so important and the NSW Government is keen to support people with great ideas; their ability to solve big problems will help grow our economy and create future jobs.”
– Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres

With opportunities to connect and collaborate ranging from ongoing Tech23 Impact Circles – virtual events exploring the big opportunities we have to create new industries, smarter solutions, and a better world; Tech23 MATTER Investor Briefings – for investors wanting to build up their deeptech portfolios; the Tech23 Showcase 2020 – a hybrid one day event celebrating 23 deeptech gamechangers – and many more.

To thrive in a post-pandemic world, organisations will need to be resilient, nimble and better connected than ever – using solutions that Australia’s game-changing tech companies are perfectly positioned to provide!

Applications to present at the Tech23 Showcase 2020 are now open. Young companies solving big problems with tech are encouraged to apply at

Find out more about how to get involved with The Tech23 Deeptech Festival 2020 at

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