We are delighted to announce the 23 presenters and companies who will be sharing their stories at Tech23 2019 on Wednesday 23 October in Sydney!

With a line-up featuring Queensland’s Lyro, Western Australia’s ClimateClever, Spacedraft and OncoRes Medical; South Australia’s 1414 Degrees and Fivecast as well as a strong contingent from ACT, NSW and VIC- Tech23 will spotlight deep tech innovation from across the nation.

Tech23’s proudly national scope has been enriched by strong ties to the universities, incubators and accelerators of Australian R&D organisations. Some of the publicly funded organisations linked to the Tech23 in 2019 include Adelaide University, ANU, CSIRO, Curtin University, D2DCRC, UNSW, University of Sydney, University of WA.

Tech23 2019 offers a glimpse into solutions for the big challenges we face in healthcare, food supply chains, security, energy and climate change, our physical and digital environments and aerospace!

Quantum Brilliance are using diamonds to drive the paradigm shift of quantum computing while Agerris and Blueprint Lab are harnessing robots to address problems in farming and hostile environments. Escavox, Lumachain, PPB Technology and Tiliter Technology are enabling transparency and sustainability across our food supply chains.

Wildlife Drones have their sights set on revolutionising the animal tracking industry while Okra Solar is empowering people through solar energy. Baraja and Skykraft are looking to new horizons for self-driving cars and satellites while Fivecast, HackHunter and Laava are boosting our trust and security. Canopus Networks is putting an end to buffering while Behavioural Scientist Lucy Cooke (Spacedraft) who has film and TV credits including Pirates of the Carribean and Game of Thrones will present on helping non-creatives share ideas across VR/AR/MR and Gaming.

Medtech is also a highlight for Tech23 in 2019 with Attoquest who are making diagnosis affordable, Seer Medical who are streamlining the management of epilepsy, Vantari who are harnessing VR for the future of healthcare and OncoRes Medical who are improving breast cancer surgery accuracy.

We do hope you’ll consider joining us to celebrate Australia’s unique ecosystem and to learn the ideas and founder stories behind these exciting companies!

You can find out more about the Tech23 at http://tech23.com.au/2019/

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