Moving into a new decade with the expansive theme of To Agility and Beyond – it’s become clear that it’s time for us to shake things up in regard to the way we build the AgileAus20 program.

After seeking feedback over the past few weeks, we are now looking to embark on a new and streamlined way to create a Conference program that represents better ways of working from across the country.

Some ideas we’re moving towards:

  • Having continued flexibility on how people can put forward talk ideas in the first instance – ranging from diagrams, video pitches to short sentences etc
  • Putting even more emphasis on face-to-face feedback by ditching online commenting and rating and welcoming those with ideas to pitch their talks directly in squid tanks should they progress past the first stage (read more about how these worked last year here)
  • Timeboxing what was once the ‘submission period’ to a neat two weeks in February 2020
  • Having a quick turnaround thereafter during which a selection of initial ideas proceed to the face-to-face pitches
  • Amplify how we nurture talks – with program guides who ‘buddy’ with potential speakers to help develop and vouch for their ideas.

As always, the building of the AgileAus program is a collaborative process, and we are grateful to those who put up their hands to help make it happen.

If you are interested in being a part of the community of helpers, which range in roles from reviewers, talk scouts, program guides and more – please get in touch via email to

As for those wanting to share potential talk ideas – please watch this space! We will be calling out to hear all your compelling insights in February 2020.

Here’s to Agility and Beyond!

Adina Thavisin

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